2-8cm Feather Filling

Feather filling is the perfect solution for us warm in winter or extreme weather,providing us with comfort and high-quality feel.They can be put to a variety of uses in sofa cushions,pillows,sleeping bags,mattresses,down jacket,and so on.


2-8cm feather filling is used to provide exceptional insulation and warmth.It is an ideal choice for manufacturing high quality beeding products,such as pillows、comforters and duvets.It can also be utilized in crafting fashionable apparel, luxurious cushions and so on.

Our feather filling serves as a versatile solution with numerous applications.We can provide you with feather filling products that meet specific size, shape, and fill requirements.

Feature & Benefits

  1. Our feather filling can elevate the comfort and style of your products to new heights.
  2. Sourced from carefully selected feathers,it has nice white color and no weird smell.
  3. The soft and lightweight nature of our feather filling ensures a cozy and comfortable experience while maintaining optimal breathability.
  4. Its excellent lofting properties guarantee long-lasting fluffiness and insulation.

Material Composition

Duck/goose feather down

Available Colors


Standard Size

Duck feather:2-4cm,4-6cm ,6-8cm  or As Request

Goose feather:2-4cm,4-6cm ,6-8cm  or As Request

Feather Specification Sheet

Item Duck Feather Goose Feather
Length 2-8cm 2-8cm
Color White/Grey White/Grey
Use Filling Filling
Packing 20kg/Pack 20kg/Pack
80kg/Bundle 80kg/Bundle

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