Goose Feather Down

Compared with duck down, goose down has longer filaments, fuller down. Small diamond nodes are evenly distributed on the feather branches of goose down, and the diamond nodes on the duck down are larger and concentrated at the end of the small feather branches. Therefore, goose down can produce a larger distance space, better fill power, and better warmth retention.


Goose feather down is featured with high warmth and has become one of the most popular the cold-proof and warm material on the market, it has the advantage that other man-made materials can not be replaced. EASFUN goose down selects high-quality farm free-range geese, the down is lighter, warmer and more breathable.

Moreover, geese are herbivores, and goose down has no peculiar smell. Goose down covers white goose down and grey goose down. Similar to duck down, it usually be used together with goose feather to act as filling power for many products like duvet, down sleeping bag, down cushion etc.

White goose down has many colors and types of applicable fabrics because of its light color. In contrast, grey goose down is only suitable for dark fabrics, the application range is smaller, resulting in a small demand for grey goose down, so the price is relatively low compared to white goose down.

Feature & Benefits

  1. Fiber tissue is fine, soft, long, especially the advantage of long fibers make the expansion better, better warmth.
  2. White goose down is white, it can be widely used in the fabric is light-colored duvet and down jacket, not through the color.
  3.  Grey goose down is the best quality down, mainly used in high-end down products, such as down jackets, down comforters, down pillows, down sleeping bags, etc. Due to its color limitation, it is suitable for dark fabrics.
  4. Goose down can withstand extreme cold weather as low as -20°C.

Material Composition

Goose feather

Available Colors


Standard Size

Transparency:600-1000(according to customers’requests )

Filling power:450-850(according to customers’requirements)

Feather Down Specification

Item White Goose Down Grey Goose Down
Transparency 600-1000
Fill Power 450FP – 850FP
Color White Grey
Usage Bedding, Garment, Filling
Package 20 kg / loose bale, half compressed or compressed bale

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