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2-8cm Feather Filling

Feather filling is the perfect solution for us warm in winter or extreme weather,providing us with comfort and high-quality feel.They can be put to a variety of uses in sofa cushions,pillows,sleeping bags,mattresses,down jacket,and so on.

Duck Feather Down

Duck Down is an animal protein fiber from the duck.The spherical fibers are densely covered with millions of tiny triangular shaped pores, and a large amount of air is preserved in the middle. Therefore, duck down has excellent warmth retention properties.It includes white duck down and grey duck down. As an environmentally friendly material, together with duck feather, it has become one of the most popular filling power, warmly welcomed by many people.

Goose Feather Down

Compared with duck down, goose down has longer filaments, fuller down. Small diamond nodes are evenly distributed on the feather branches of goose down, and the diamond nodes on the duck down are larger and concentrated at the end of the small feather branches. Therefore, goose down can produce a larger distance space, better fill power, and better warmth retention.

Shuttlecock Feather

Our premium feathers are the perfect choice for crafting high-quality badminton shuttlecocks. Renowned for their exceptional flight characteristics, our feathers ensure optimal speed, stability, and precision on the court.Feather testing to guarantee superior performance, durability, and consistency.

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