Shuttlecock Feather

Our premium feathers are the perfect choice for crafting high-quality badminton shuttlecocks. Renowned for their exceptional flight characteristics, our feathers ensure optimal speed, stability, and precision on the court.Feather testing to guarantee superior performance, durability, and consistency.


Enhance your shuttlecock production with our remarkable feather characteristics. Our feathers offer superior flight stability, durability, and optimal speed and responsiveness. With consistent quality and ease of processing, they seamlessly integrate into your manufacturing process.

We prioritize eco-friendly sourcing, ensuring ethical practices and sustainability. Elevate your shuttlecocks with our high-performance feather materials, perfect for professional tournaments and recreational play. Trust our expertise and unlock the full potential of your shuttlecock production with our exceptional feather features.

Feature & Benefits

  1. Fine Feathers with Sturdy Stem: Our feather materials boast thick and rigid stems, ensuring optimal durability and stability during gameplay. This feature enhances the longevity of the shuttlecocks, making them resistant to wear and tear.
  2. Pure and White Plumage: The feathers exhibit a pristine, clean white color, adding aesthetic appeal to the shuttlecocks.
  3. Intact Feather Blades: Our feather materials consist of intact and complete feather blades, which contribute to the shuttlecock’s excellent flight characteristics. This feature ensures consistent and accurate trajectories, providing players with a reliable and predictable playing experience.
  4. Consistent Performance: Our feather materials are carefully selected and processed to ensure uniformity and consistency in their characteristics. This feature guarantees that each shuttlecock produced with our feathers delivers consistent performance.

Material Composition

Duck feather/Goose feather

Available Colors

Natural white

Standard Size

Duck feather:14-18cm,18-23cm or As Request

Goose feather:16-20cm or As Request

Feather Specification Sheet

Item Duck Feather Goose Feather
Length 14-18cm,18-23cm 16-20cm
Color White White
Type CiGu duck feather/Water duck feather Goose
Feather Type Curving feather Straighten curving feather Curving feather Straighten curving feather
Qty/Pcs 2200-2800 pcs/kg 3200-3400 pcs/kg
Packing Details 12.5kg/Carton 13.5kg/Carton

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